Trying something new!

Congratulations to our club members Gavin and Alex who, competing together for the first time, won the Capital City United (CCU) competition’s Pro-Am section for 2023 – a great achievement! They have since gone on to place at Whanganui’s and Hawkes Bay’s all-comer events, and are now practicing for Senior Nationals!

Have you thought about competing?

Most rock’n’roll competitions have a range of sections that cater to all levels of experience and capability. For CCU, Pro-Am is where one dancer is more-experienced, and the other less – has never competed at CCU or Nationals before.

Training for a competition is a fun way to learn new moves and understand how they might link together, explore and refine your own dance style, grow as a dancer, and learn from others in the club who are only too happy to support you – and getting out onto the competition floor can be challenging, but also sooooo rewarding!

What’s holding you back from taking that next step?