We’re a 1950s-style rock’n’roll revival dance club based in Wellington, New Zealand. We have a club night most Monday evenings, and a hop (dance) on first Saturdays of the month – usually at Northland Memorial Community Centre, 5 Woburn Rd, Northland.

Our next set of beginner lessons start on Monday 2 October, 7.30pm

Our club events are run by a small but enthusiastic volunteer committee, and we are affiliated to the New Zealand Rock’n’Roll Association. Click the links below to find out more about us:

And, if you’re wondering about the blue highlights on our otherwise black and white website, our official “club colours” are turquoise, yellow and black.

Our response to covid

After almost two years of recess, we’ve been cautiously back on the dance floor since New Zealand’s return to Orange covid status in December 2021. Our approach is to always put members’ wellness first.

Recognising that dancing is a close-contact activity, we’ve introduced a “green spot” system – anyone with a green spot on their name badge is open to being asked to dance, anyone without does not want to be asked.

We continue to align to all government guidelines e.g hand sanitizer available and encouraged, advising people to stay home if unwell.